Saturday, 3 August 2013

Bath Time

Day 29:

With our free day, a few of us decided to take a train to Bath, England, to visit the Roman Baths and the Jane Austen Centre.  We started our day at the Jane Austen Centre, where we learned about Austen's life in Bath and her work.   We even learned about the "language of the fan" and how to send a message just by using a fan and body language.  This is a very useful 21st century skill! 

We decided to have tea at the Regency Tea Room at the Jane Austen Centre, which allowed us to experience a true English Tea.  I had a sandwich with country ham and English cheese (yum!!) and some Earl Grey tea (also, yum!).  My friends had scones with jam and crumpets with honey.  One also had Earl Grey tea, and the other had hot chocolate (which looked divine!).  

After lunch, we headed to the Roman Baths in the center of town to see the bath rooms and learn about the Roman influence on the city.  Although you aren't allowed to touch or drink the water in the pool of the bath, they do have spa water which they offer for consumption.  I tried it, just to be able to say that I had.  It tasted like warm mineral water.

The bath with the Abbey in the background
Spa Water Outlet under the Baths
After the baths, we wandered around Bath for awhile, seeing the bridge, the Assembly Room building (they were closed, so we couldn't go in), the Oxford Circus (which is just a round park area surrounded by really expensive properties), and ended up at Sally Lunns for dinner. 

Bridge in Bath
Sally Lunn's has been there since 1680.  They serve tea and lunch in the afternoon and dinner at night. Their specialty are Sally Lunn buns, which are rolls that are as big as your head!  They are delicious and served with every meal.  If you ever go to Bath, go to Sally Lunn's!

Sally Lunn's Window (you can see the bun in the background)
At the end of the night, we took the train back to London with all of our goodies (of both the edible and Cath Kidston bag varieties). 

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